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  • Hello.

    Please tell me whether you can make it work Gamepad plug of Construct 2 in the app to the canvas+?

    I would be very happy to hear any ideas how to fix it.

    Thank you

  • From the manual on gamepad:

    [quote:124ddlv2]Most mobile devices do not have a physical socket to connect a controller to. Therefore Gamepad input can usually only be used with desktop computers. For mobile devices with touchscreen input, focus on designing touch controls.

    Still, nowaday, there are bluetooth joysticks that allow you to play a few games that support gamepad.

    Nevertheless, have you tried C2's gamepad plugin and tried run the game on the smartphone? Does the game respond to the gamepad input?

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  • Without Canvas+,

    I just tried connecting some bluetooth joystick to my Android phone. I see my C2 game could register button presses responsively but it couldn't register any of D-Pad and the analog sticks. So it somehow got partial support by default.

    Also, I tried on my smartphone and see that my bluetooth joystick could send signals to it. However, the gamepad testing site could not receive R3 analog stick, D-Pad, L2 and R2 button presses. It could receive L3 analog sticks fine though.

    All these joystick charades on smartphone don't seem to get all the proper love, I feel... this is unfortunate.

    But with Canvas+, can you try test and tell us the result, TecenGOD?

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