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  • So I think once you start making games you get a lot of game objects on the screen. You have a lot of them and they are somewhat disorganized. What if you could group game objects like you do with groups on the event sheet.

    What you could do is add a group array which you could open and close. In Each cell you could simply add a game object. You could also label these groups to what you see fit: particles, enemies etc.

    Again not a huge priority but I think in the future this will be helpful especially once people's games get bigger.

  • Don't layers help with this?

  • or families?

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  • or object folders?

  • They all do of course. But what I mean is visually have a table that you can collapse and expand. Each cell has a game object and it would make the editor feel a little more organized.

  • I was going to say definitely subfolders, but do you mean sort of like a spreadsheet?

    This image shows the subfolders which you can collapse and expand in the project panel. But I guess it isn't what you were looking for.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    As far as subfolders go, it would be nice if you could:

    1) click on subfolder name to select all of the instances of the objects in the folder.

    2) drag and drop the subfolder to the layout to create an instance of each object in the subfolder.

    But better BY FAR would be hierarchical grouped objects. You could do so much with them!

  • Im talking about a table in the layout that just visually organizes the game objects.

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