GameClosure HTML5 SDK just went open source

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  • Hi Ashley

    Gameclosure is a HTML5 SDK but also wrapper for HTML5 that's i've had my eye on for a while in beta, but its officially open source now, for free AND commercial products.

    From their tech demos they are able to get really great frame rates. I wonder if it might be able to work with exporting from construct? into a format that can be compiled in their SDK?

  • This seens cool, is it similar to phonegap and cocoons?

  • Wow, it's most important feature, it should be replacement to PhoneGap

  • Well, it seems has dependencies API wouldn't work with normal javascript...

  • Looks like they only support dev on a mac atm.

    Perhaps Ashley could wrangle something for use out of Node-Webkit. :P

  • Looks like they only support dev on a mac atm.

    Perhaps Ashley could wrangle something for use out of Node-Webkit. :P

    Yes, it seems only support dev on a mac, but they claimed they had some success running on Linux and Windows

  • I tested Kiwi Run on my iPod touch 4 and it keeps crashing after i touched "Start"

  • hmm, does anyone have some performance samples?

    I checked the site out and tried Kiwi Run on my tablet and wowzer. The game ran smooth. With 3 parallax backrounds, 1 full, 2 apx halves. The play later and speed of render. It all went really smoothly. I tried on my ipodTouch 4g and it played but crashed when I lost. There seems to be some bad memory management going on. Certainly a possibility that this may have CocoonJS performance or better. However without more testing there is no idea.

    I think the best part of this is. Is that since it's open source we can may be able to extend it with more immediate features.

    Honestly right now I'm pessimistic that Scirra will take this opportunity. I went through the devkit code. It has some front end requirements so it's not a drag and drop process. I just get the feeling it's going to be another "not compliant to javascript standards". For one thing it uses an import primitive similar to java. Infact it seems that much of there work was meant to resemble java.

    Here we have an open source wrapper that would only require a minimal over head javascript layer to OpenGL ES. Practically on the cusp to really get into the mobile side of gaming with C2. Check the video, 8000 sprite, that made me sooooo giddy. and I feel it's going to slip by :(

    however the down side of it requiring a mac is a problem. Though i would purchase a cheap used mac just to be able to use this :)


    I like this line near the bottom

    "Fellow TechCruncher MG Siegler wrote a post last week on how the overall user experience of native apps far exceeds that of HTML5-based apps. Carter told me that he agrees with this assessment; during initial trials of games running in HTML5 on phones, he found that they �ran 30 times slower than browsers�. However, because HTML5 has a far richer set of tools and optimizations, it was far less complicated to develop those games in HTML5. To address this problem, the GC SDK includes a native (non-browser) implementation of the HTML5 APIs, accelerated for use on mobile devices, so that you can have your cake and eat it too, as they say."

  • "We�re only supporting OSX at this time, but we have some success running on Linux and Windows. If you�re using an unsupported platform, make sure the following prerequisites are installed and the symlinks all work, and you may have some luck."

    Promising :) I'm going to tinker a little bit and see if a minimal canvas pass to C2 code would be enough.

  • This could be the answer to the mobile issue..

  • If it's open, maybe we can muster some masterful code-monkeys to implement it for use with construct?

    I am a firm believer in either a bounty system or something like indiegogo campaign to get some programmers motivated with the money we will collect?

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  • Wow. Performance seems great. Not only under it's mobile targets but for regular desktop browsers as well.

    That kiwi game runs at least three times as fast inside Firefox as even the most basic Construct2 app I tried (Firefox' HTML5 performance is really lacking, hence this surprises me).

  • I'm not sure what's to gain with this over something like CocoonJS. Unless they support WebGL (standards-compliant, and not a custom OpenGL binding), I don't see how it would be faster, or easy to integrate.

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