Game Stuck on Loader Layout

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  • Hi everyone, thanks for looking,

    i am making a game using construct 2 for android, exporting it with cocoon webview

    the problem i am facing is that the game stucks on loader layout sometimes randomly,

    i am using a loader layout with event to go to a layout after loader layout completes,

    it also have some events to load dictionaries and storage keys in the meantime,

    The game works perfectly- it shows cocoon splash screen then goes to loader layout and then goes to next layout as it is supposed to, but sometimes the loader layout progress goes to a random percentage and then stays at it.

    Also, it happens certainly at the first launch in mobile and then sometimes randomly .

    Is that a bug ? i have searched the forums and found people having same problem but nobody got an answer...

    Please help me on this.

    Thank you in advance


  • Bump!

    Please help me someone on this, i can't understand what's going on.

    After a lot of experiments i am still getting the same result, it works sometimes but sometimes randomly hangs on loader layout and it always hangs on first launch and have to close the game and launch again, then it loads properly.

    Please help me someone......

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  • Never got a reply!

    It still stucks on loader layout it still sucks.

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