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  • I'm developing the same platform game I was developing months ago with new sprites and the game when running in browser with the new project it's in slow motion but with the old project its fast and wonderful. I'm using Internet explorer on windows 8. I runned fps check with the construct text object and the fps was 59-60 on both projects. As I know 60 fps is amazingly great. So what can be wrong. I'm exporting the pngs in bigger resolution and then Im lowering in Construct 2 to keep the quality. I'm using the stable r139. What do you recommend to keep the quality and performance. And on the old project the quality is same and maybe better that the new project and still it's faster.

    Please tell me how to fix this I need to make the game fast..


  • hi angelkom,

    When you say "old product" and "new product" are you comparing old and new builds of C2, or are you comparing Construct Classic to C2?

    Now that you're on C2, how are you testing your game? On a Browser? If so, which one?

    If you load images as oversized into C2 and then reduce the sprites in C2's frame editor, they are still oversized images, which is wasting memory and drawing time...definately a causal factor in poor performance.

    Otherwise, some suggestions:

    1) Make sure all sprite frame images are trimmed as small as possible, and are NOT oversized if they dont need to be.

    2) Make sure all collision shapes per frame are as simple as possible, (using as few points as possible)

    3) Make sure any sprite that does not need to have collision checks has collision checks turned off

    4) Make sure to only use "for each" events if they are absolutely critical for the game to work.

    5) Make sure all events are neatly arranged into groups and that all groups that arent needed at any point in the game are turned off, and then turned back on as needed!

    Anyone else got suggestions?


    Mike at BrashMonkey

  • Maybe try using Spriter ? <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Could help indeed. :)

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  • I bought spriter, still haven'y installed or used it yet... I suppose I should get around to that someday... :)

  • by old and new I mean projects made in different time but with construct 2 but if I try to make them low they are ugly in browser and I'm testing them in browser

    by the way what's spriter please explain..


  • spriter by brashmonkey is an animation software, they also have a SC2 plugin; google the thread in the forums for the demo, also check the latest entry in the blog for an example running in the browser.

  • angelkom,

    I think that Brashmonkey has summed up most things you can try. So I don't know if this will help....

    I'm developing using an old laptop from the last decade (feels like the last century) and I find each game I'm working on becomes painfully jerky if I have webgl enabled (even before I add any shader effects - so none of my games use it at present). The fps doesn't seem to drop below 60 but it's obvious that the extra maths is killing my graphics driver. Maybe something similar is happening here - if not webgl, it could be the increase in video processing required by the larger image files. If you're running Windows 8 then your computer is probably modern, but is the graphics driver powerful? Aside from suggesting you try and disable webgl, maybe try a different computer/browser and see if that improves things? Also, although 2048 square is the largest recommended size for an image, I have found that my wheezing old machine slows down with anything at or above 1024 square.

    Hope this helps...

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