Game slow in some devices (UPDATE: WEBVIEW KITKAT 4.4)

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  • Hi everyone,

    I am currently working on an android game which i'm testing on several devices. Game's working well on other devices (Samsung Duos, Samsung S4 and Sony Experia z3) at 60 fps most of the time but when I uploaded and tried it on the Galaxy Note 3 I noticed it wasn't running smooth (10-15 fps).

    Could it be because of the animation? I'm using Lite Tween behavior for the animation, by the way.

    Or the galaxy note 3 scaling it up too much (larger screen)?

    As you may note, it runs pretty fast on my Samsung Duos which is definitely much slower than the Galaxy Note 3

    Here is the link for the web version

    Hope you can extend help! Thanks,

    some game play feedback is also much appreciated!


  • My first guess would be that this would be caused by the screen size, as a game like this should not be slow due to the amout of things to compute (the only thing it does is calculating time and checking the colors), unless something I am not thinking about happens.

    on my galaxy tab 3, it runs great on chrome, May I ask how you are doing the .apk in the end? (if you are using phonegap or simply cordova without crosswalks, it can be the cause if the samsung duos , the s4 and the xperia z3 are running android lollipop while the galaxy note 3 is running an older version of android)

    also, does the web version works great on all of them, or is the note 3 also slower in that version?

    (by the way, nice game)

  • We built the mobile game using phonegap without crosswalk.

    The web version run smoothly on the Galaxy Note3.

    Android version for all test devices:

    s4: Lollipop

    samsung duos: Jellybean

    xperia z3: Kitkat

    galaxy note 3: Kitkat

    We will remove the scaling to test if its the screen size that is causing the problem.

    Thank you!

  • I've been looking around forums and found this:

    Bad performance in SimpleSpinner software canvas example

    It seems like its an android kitkat 4.4 webview problem.

    they tested this sample

    Ashley, will this problem still occur using crosswalk? i am using phonegap.

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  • If you use PhoneGap without Crosswalk then you are stuck with the Android system web view, which is really only good from Android 5.0+. (Android 4.4 has a Chromium webview but it lacks WebGL support so performance will be poorer. I can't remember but it may not even support GPU rendering for canvas2d, since as that bug report shows it's still really slow in 4.4.)

    Crosswalk supports full GPU-accelerated WebGL on Android 4.0+ (if the graphics driver is not blacklisted) so is likely far faster. This is why we recommend using Crosswalk for Android publishing. Once Android 5.0+ is as prevalent as Android 4.0+ is you'll be able to simply PhoneGap it, but until then Crosswalk is essential.

  • danielvtan

    topics like

    shows us that Crosswalk is not a good solution for Android export (framerate issues, slow audio decoding...) and CocoonJS was deprecated.

    so "official" Android export options for Construct 2 are just bad.

  • Crosswalk is based on Chromium, so in theory should be as good as the browser. I think they're working through a bug in CW10 at the moment though but it sounds like things are better in CW12.

    CocoonJS had far more issues than Crosswalk, like lack of memory management crashing the game and a bunch of unsupported features.

  • Ashley

    I'm already waiting 3 months for smooth Crosswalk OR native ads in CocoonJS. And I still have to wait. So it does not matter if Chromium team is working on this bug ... ?id=422000 or new bugs. Crosswalk was not ready in the past, it is not ready now and it will not be ready in near future.

    That's why so many people are using CocoonJS by Because it is more important to have smooth game on new mobile phone than possibility to use WebRTC, DOM elements etc.

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