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  • Hey,

    I've been fooling around with C2 for a bit and have been playing with the idea of making a platform adventure game ... along the lines of something like Cave Story.

    Since most of the html5 games i have encountered are rather small is it possible / viable to create a game that is the length / size of something like Cave Story or Treasure Adventure game?


  • I dont see why not. Cavestory isnt that big. Only thing id be concerned about is the loading time.

  • It all depends on your preference for the loading times, really. If you're willing to sacrifice quick loading times for more stuff, then Construct won't stop you. There are always things you can do to keep the filesize down, though, like using more efficient art. Cave Story is a good example of what would probably be quite good for this sort of thing, as its art uses very few colours.

  • But Tom has already stated the C2 is getting loading in a 'per layout' basis soon, so loading wont be a problem.

    I don't see a problem with long online games. Some that i've played, like Gemcraft Labirinth and Epic Battle Fantasy took me several days to finish

  • If you use your resources cleverly, you can make a very long game with small download space. I see no problem making a large game, however I would wait for per-layout loading.

  • per-layout loading will be great, imagine loading with a big and long game for an hour... T-T night mare !

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  • It can be used to successfully create any 2D game of any size.

    You can look at the game I'm currently working on as an example, it's pretty big hardcore platformer and should take about an hour to complete I think:

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