Can a Game like Shinning Force be made with CS2?

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  • I have been wondering if Platform games and Space shooters are the only type of games that can be made using Construct2. I noticed almost all of the tutorials and example games are that type.

    Zelda and those type games seem to be missing. Are they possible with the way this engine is set up?

    Just wondering.


  • Possible, if you're talented enough. There's a few good isometric RPGs being made, check them out in the sub-forum.

  • Thanks.

    I am still not good enough to make a good Platformer. Guess it will be awhile for me.

    Thanks again.


  • They are definitely possible in C2--it's actually a pretty fun engine to make stuff like that in. It's only fun, though, once you're able to conceptualize and execute a lot of complex, interlocking systems. My game (in my sig) is a lot more like a Zelda game than Shining Force, but you should get the gist of it. There's also a lot of content creation involved, which can be daunting at times. As far as lack of tutorials, it might be the complexity of the task or relative inexperience with other genres. I'm not sure. I plan on posting a bunch of them whether finish my game, but finishing the game is my priority until then.

  • In our game a whole natural ecosystem is simulated, along with complex survival mechanics. Your ability to use the engine, your logic and imagination are the real limits (along with the wrapper thing...).

  • There's an ongoing RPG tutorial on

    Might be helpful to some.

  • Sure. I think that just about any type of 2D game can be made with C2. I started making a game with rpg elements and complex stats and status effects, etc. How much time do you have?

  • At my age, it depends on if I wake up in the morning.

    Actually, I am retired so if I don't have to run an errand ( seldom) I have all day.

  • I spent 2 years learning the basics and working on my first (and nonow abandoned) game. Be prepared to spend lots of time and go deep. Read the forums a lot. Even if things go over your head at first, you'll slowly start to get it. The important thing is to stick with it. You might want to start with something easy first to see how you like it. I LOVE game design, all parts of it, plus I'm good at obsessing which is a good trait doing such an intensive undertaking. Good luck!

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  • Almost no internet today. I did manage to get a copy of gimp and figured out how to make a tree, some grass and a house and save them over to construct2.

    I guess that is a beginning.

    I am also learning how to make sprites so my first may be a platform with my own assets.


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