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  • I have a long term goal (next year) of making a simple dress-up doll game for Android GooglePlay (maybe Apple too). Although have never made any games for the play store. I know that the usual way to make dress-up games like this is to use Flash but do not want to buy the package for one simple game.

    My questions is should I use Construct 2 or or an HTML5 game language like:

    If you think Construct 2 how easy is it to turn a project in to a GooglePlay app? How fast would it run?


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  • Guyon - Construct 2 will be best since it is easier compare to programming it using javascript. Construct 2 already made Android Game development easier compare to programming. I will recommend you to use Construct 2 and once you are finished then export to cordova --> IntelXDK / Cocoon.IO. Honestly making games is better and easier in HTML 5 compare to Flash and Construct 2 made it easier by getting rid of programming. Making a dressup game will be better in C2 using some arrays and localstorage.

    This tutorial to build a C2 game to an apk using IntelXDK is outdated but it will get you started:

    IntelXDK: ... alk/page-4

    Updated: for Cocoon.IO ... ocoonio/45

    Good luck in shifting to Mobile Development <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

  • +1 for the post from

    How fast would it run?

    You mean performance or development?

    Performance: Here I don't see any problem with a dress up game

    Development: The beauty of C2 is it's speed to make a game. Your prototype could run in 1 day (even with limited knowledge).

  • Thanks for info guys!

    Also what screen size should I build in, and can you point me to a tutorial on how to adapt the screen size for phone or tablet?

  • Guyon - You can use 1280x720 (16:9 aspect ratio) which is what I use and it does fit all commonly used mobile devices. But there is also 's tutorial : ... bile-game/ .He recommends : 1200x800 (3:2 Aspect Ratio) since he tested and proven it to fit on mobile devices good too.

  • My favorite is "scale outer"

    Here the resolution is not that important. The important part is 16/9, 4/3, ...

    So I choose normally 16/9 that would work with a lot of the screens

    In my sample project you will find a safezone sprite. As long as you place your objects in the safezone everybody will see it - doesn't matter which screen ratio. If you have a different ratio you will get more background (so make your background larger than the safe zone.

    Here is a blank project ... .capx?dl=0 ... .capx?dl=0 ... reen-sizes

  • Thanks for the fast replay chadorireborn & fm4fanAT!

  • Noob Question for fm4fanAT

    I am not seeing your resolution on your example to fit 16/9. am I wrong?


    Also for clothes can I just make sprites? or do I need a sprite sheet. I am guessing about 70 items.

  • Guyon sorry not a noob question - it was my mistake

    The aspect ratio I provided is 3:2 (safe zone = 960 X 640)

    3:2 is a good/perfect choice - especially for Apple products

    Iphone 4 640*960

    Iphone 5 640*1136

    Ipad 768*1024

    It all depends on your kind of game. So for static games like puzzle or dressup - scale outer should be considered.

  • Also for clothes can I just make sprites? or do I need a sprite sheet. I am guessing about 70 items.

    You can make sprites, GIF animations, spritesheets whatever fit your needs. C2 supports all.

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