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  • Hi,

    I'm making PC standalone game in Node Webkit. I'm working on a laptop and (bigger) secondary monitor.

    When I test my game it's launched always on laptops monitor. There's no way I could move it on the secondary monitor. How can I change this?

    Windows 8.1

    Game in fullscreen letterbox scale

  • Is the laptops monitor the primary monitor? I have the same setup but I mirror my screen so both screens show the same when I test my games.

  • Yes it is. I thought that i could do it faster, but it seems that i have to switch primary monitor to secondary monitor for game testing.

  • I know. Games and software usually always launch on the primary screen. But if you really want to solve it there's probably a simple solution for it

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  • In case you haven't tried, in Windows 7 at least you can just grab the window while it's loading and drag it to the secondary monitor before it goes fullscreen.

  • if you want preview on another monitor - use extended display mode.

    then preview game and drag and drop the window to that 2nd monitor and expand to full screen. next time you preview it will be on 2nd screen

  • Just preview the game, move it to the desired monitor/position, and minimize or unfocus it when you're done testing. The next time you preview the game, the window will be restored as it was. You'll also get slightly faster preview times this way. Make sure to have "run while minimized" or whatever unchecked in the project properties though.

  • Thank you!

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