Now my Game preview completey hangs chrome!!!!

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  • Hi, i was working tonight on my game code, adding somehing new. The problem is that suddendly my first layout began to hang when i was passing to the other layout. The strage was that it began hanging only in debug mode, while in normal preview was working. The started to hang also in normal preview...

    My additions are absolutely normal and really couldn't find anything that could cause that so i deleted all new entrie and.... it's still happening!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If i start the layout from a back up, it works, otherwise it hangs... and the code is the same!!! Seems soething in exportation that is corrupted. How is it possible such a thing??? Is it happened before to someone else and can tell me how to figure it out? Fo me it's completely insane that the exactly same code, works from a capx and not from another one...

  • You get some error message in the Chrome console view? You should first look there...

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  • The page completely hangs... i will try more this evening. All i know is that is something related to the Array object. Made some experiments and when i deleted the last one i modified (changed height from 1 to 5 and populated it) the problem disappeared :/

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