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  • Would hyper light driftor be possible in construct 2?

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  • Would hyper light driftor be possible in construct 2?

    I do find such questions pointless, as C2 can do almost any 2D type game - the limitation is in the person undertaking the process.

    It would also help if you provided a link to whatever it is you are referring to. In this case, a quick Google showed me a link to an early Youtube prototype, and also highlighted your incorrect spelling.

    From what I can see, I can't see why you would even bother asking if it's possible, as it looks quite simple to me.

  • I was just asking as there is a good amount of stuff going on at sometimes but i'll just try and see.

  • RPGs are often engines on engines. So there is a level of programming that does the graphics, interface etc. and built on top of that is a second level which controls the flow of the game itself.

    But basically, yes. C2 struggles a bit with complex object hierarchies and data structures, but it's not really designed for that sort of thing. Something like this may benefit from code in an app-specific plugin for example.

  • Yes it's possible. You'll have to pay careful attention to z-ordering and collisions. Leveling systems are no big deal so long as you plan and make a good algorithm. It's just a lot of small systems combined into something bigger. If you aren't familiar with the idea of a state machine, you should research that too.

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