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  • Hello -

    I've been looking into game portals for a little bit now, and I'm wondering if anyone out there has had any experience that they would like to share - good or bad - with html5 game portals. Have you used a large distribution service before? Did you see any revenue? Have you had any success with your own game portals?

    Thanks guys! Maybe there's already a thread like this out there, but I haven't found any in the last week or so, and I feel like a discussion like this could benefit a lot of people in the community.

  • I am curious too about some of these game distribution portals that share revenue with you. They only give you 20% of ad revenue in some cases which seems low.

    In Flash days I used to get over 3,000,000 plays each month and kept 50% of revenue with CPM Star.

    If Scirra paid attention to what really is important ( incorporating adsense into HTML5 games ) then we could have something like that again. If not, as soon as I have enough games code my own, ( or pay somebody to do it for me since I am not really a javascript programmer ) and create my own game distribution portal.

  • Do you currently use any game portals BadMario? Seems like CPM star is still around, I've been looking into them as well.

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  • No, currently don't use any of those game distribution sites. I distributed a couple of games myself, basically by emailing 4-5 bigger sites, and it went OK. These are just your regular portals, not the ones that distribute games to other portals.

    Problem with Construct games is you can't just ad CPM Star ads anywhere in your game like you could with Flash games ( I'd have a pre loader ad, and end game ad on the side, so it would not disrupt gameplay.

    The whole thing sucks compared to Flash days, so a different approach may be necessary.

  • Hi guys,

    Distribution is also a big concern for me... I've submit a game to but if everything goes well i'll get only 33% of the income.

    Lately, instead of developing games, i'm trying to figure out how to monetize my games using a distributor i can't find.

    If you're interested we could put our effort together and everyone could focus on something different.

    If we can find something valuable, i'm sure people would be interesting of paying a small fee for launching their games... That would be nice to add extra money for pub...

    Anyway, i'm open to suggestion...

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