Would a game like this need music?

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  • Im making a RPG that is mostly text based. You buy stuff, then sell it. You can also buy upgrades that improve profit, reduce chance to lose stuff, etc. The only real "animation" part of the game is when your selling stuff which is automatic. All the animation shows is customers walking up to you and leaving. The selling animation lasts like 15 seconds. Would music just be annoying for this type of game?

  • Opinion: Elevator music would be a tad annoying, but situational themes wouldn't be and could contribute substantially to the mood.

  • Very subtle music would add to the game, I am sure.

  • I played an IF (interactive fiction, or text-based) game a while back that used background sounds, like eerie chimes, and various situation relevant sounds. The sounds used provided ambiance that added incredible depth to the game.

    Perhaps not necessarily music, but ambiance, like sounds of items being moved around in a shop, might be something to consider?

    Then again, in my mind, music has always been an integral part of RPG games. Music as simple as that in the venerable Ultima series is forever stained in the minds of many of its players.

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  • add ON/OFF background music function to the game, so if the music annoying some players they can turn it off <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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