Can I make a Game for both Low and High Resolution device ?

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  • Hello !

    I'm developping a game for Android, I have chosen to define my windows size of 360*640 to avoid using too much memory, the game works well on smartphones but gets blurry on high resolution device like the Samsung Galaxy Note (2560*1600).

    Should I make a "Hd" version for big and high resolution devices and seperately another version for low resolution device ?

    Because when you choose low resolution it uses a little bit of memory but gets blurry on devices with big resolution, and when you put big graphics it burn to much memory...Seems I have to make a choice, I don't want people to download my game and have a problem with memory or blurry images...

    Thanks for help !

    Sorry for my bad english.

  • Go half way between both then (360*640 / sweet spot /2560*1600) , as for the image just compress them but not too much... dont worry about memory too much. Oh and make the background bigger than the screen cool little trick

  • Thanks wizdigitech !

    I want to know also if it is possible in construct 2 or cross platform like Xdk to scale down automatically the resolution of all images in a game, depending on the resolution of the device used.

    So i would have to keep my sprite resolution high and then the program will reduce the resolution if necessary to use less memory on low resolution device.

    In my game I used 1 background 1080*1920 image, and around 50 sprites of 378*584 (with animation) and I already use 230 Mb of memory, so I decided to divide by 2 all sprite resolutions, I use now 110 Mb but when the game will be finished, there will be up to 5 times more sprites, so it will be around 600 Mb !

  • mahe , hey for me i usually use 1920X1080 for windows size i now it is big size but according to what i saw, it works even with he screen and less also, I use also latterbox size lol, that is my opinin.


  • If you look on all my game I only use of one screen size with scale outer which result work perfectly on all screen size

  • Are there any devices still in wide use that have a 640x360 display? That seems tiny. The lowest I've seen lately is 1280x720. Given most mobile and desktop displays have resolutions in the same ballpark, it doesn't seem necessary to treat them any differently.

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  • If you look on all my game I only use of one screen size with scale outer which result work perfectly on all screen size

    Hey, sir could you please tell me how do you make the size work with phones and tablet without massing any edgs.?

    I mean with scale outer, when you open your game with scale outer on tablet there will be more black size or maybe white, means more layout size will appear, but on phones does not apear, how can I make and fix this problem that I can make the windows size work great with phones and tablet with out extra size.?


  • i use this screen size to be more specific 1280x720

    it work on all screen size from tiny phone to big phone same for all tablet

  • Hi,

    I would like to know what is the limit of memory use i shouldn't exceed for a Iphone and tablet.

    Thanks for answers !

  • check Ashley blog i thing there is a blog about that...

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