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  • About a year ago I developed a promotional game that was used for about a week during a conference. Yesterday they asked me to make a small change as they wanted to use it again.

    So I started construct2, it told me about a new version and I installed it. Then I run the finished game from Construct2. The game does not work anymore. On the layout is a Sprite that has a IsTouching event on it. It is no longer triggered by the mouse click. (I don't have a touch screen, so I cannot test that). I started several other layouts with touchable sprites and they are just fine. Just the start layout is not. So I added a button on it with the same Touch event , same problem nothing happens. If I start the game in a browser however I do see that the produced data.js gives an error of a missing ';'. I have no idea what to look for that could cause this. Any suggestions on how to approach this? Thanks

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