My game lags in Landscape?

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  • If I run my game on my iPad 3 in portrait it is beautiful and smooth, however if I run it Landscape it has a very low fps.

    Any ideas?

  • Can you share a .capx?

    Have you tried disabling retina mode?

  • This is the same issue that I mentioned here:

    Here's the .capx I used:

    The exported HTML:

    In that thread I mention one of the space blaster demos has that problem as well, but it's only the old space blaster demo, not the new one with sound:

    In my tests, I found that the problem only happens with some display modes, in particular it happens with full screen crop and doesn't happen with full screen letterbox.

    The problem does happen with retina mode.

    I mentioned in that thread about the space blaster performance test's text not updating itself properly - I didn't realize that that was because clear background was set to off.

  • So how did you end up fixing the problem? If you did.

  • I didn't.

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  • I checked and the problem doesn't happen with retina mode disabled, but it's not an issue of the ipad just not being able to handle it because it handles fullscreen retina mode just fine with letterbox mode selected instead.

  • Are you sure this still happens in the latest beta release with iOS 6?

  • Yup. Just checked it, happens on preview over LAN and after export on an ipad 3 with iOS 6.

  • Ashley

    Found some new info. I modified the test before, and discovered that the problem happens in fullscreen letterbox landscape mode as well in some scenarios.

    This is the sprite test in full screen letterbox mode with a canvas size of 2048x1345. Works smooth:

    Lower the vertical resolution in the properties by 1 pixel to 2048x1344, and the bug happens:

    Also, if I load those links above to the exported versions, I noticed if I rotate the device before the page has finished loading and the blue bar under the web address disappears, it doesn't resize/adjust the canvas to fit the window. It only readjusts it properly if the device is rotated after it's finished.

  • Arima : iPad has a 2048x1536 resolution in landscape mode.

    The status bar at the top is 40 pixels high, and the URL bar is 152 pixels high. When you remove those, you have 2048x1344, the exact resolution you have a problem with. That must be something related to it.

    Can you try to start in landscape mode, and go the portrait mode set at (1536)x(2048-152-40) (i.e. 1536x1856), and then 1536x1855, to check if you have that bug ?

  • I cannot reproduce any performance problem at all on iPad 2 or iPad 3 with retina mode off, so this problem seems exclusively to do with iPad 3's retina display.

    I am not sure why a certain window size would be considerably slower - I am fairly sure this is a WebKit/Safari bug, since we are running the exact same code either way - there's no reason our engine would be faster or slower either way. I would guess that certain window sizes either align or don't align with the main viewport, which enables or disables various optimisations (or even reverts to software rendering in some cases). Given that the iPad 3 is generally not fast enough to keep up with its significantly higher-resolution display, I would recommend just turning retina mode to 'iPhone only' or 'Never' for the time being.

  • I'm not sure why you think that performance on an ipad 3 in retina mode is that bad. On my sprite test, someone with an ipad 2 said they got about 450 sprites at 60 fps, from 350 on an ipad 3. That's a noticeable difference, but far from bad performance in comparison. My ipad 3 is easily powerful enough for the Zelda-like game I'm making, playing at a smooth 60 fps with dozens of enemies onscreen, and the only reason the fps dips below 60 if I add more is because of the JavaScript, not the rendering, because if I disable the game logic I can have tons more onscreen at 60 fps.

    Might it have to do with the fact that performance when previewing over LAN is somewhere around a third or less of the exported HTML's performance? I only get about 100 sprites in my sprite test when previewing over LAN.

    Regardless, I think I may have actually found a way to fix this, but I need to make sure it works on multiple devices. I started a thread with the test here: edit, test was flawed, had issues making it difficult to get an accurate result

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