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  • I've been working on a project near completion, but I feel kinda...bored while playing it. It is a 2D life-simulation game where you ventures into the valley, discover secrets, have jobs, buy things listen to great music but I just feel bored when I play it. I don't know if it is because I am the developer but if anyone have some tips to give I would like them.

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  • What do you want then? Testers?

    It could be because you're the dev but it indeed could be the game. Btq i'm also not considering that you don't like this type of game, as you choosed this to be done, right?

  • Yeah, you're right, I like this kind of game. I am just gonna try to have it tested by other people and I am gonna see how they react.

  • Hehe difficult one.

    I have a drive full of half completed projects for this exact reason.

    I think we need to just get over the fact that if we are going to be working on a project for a long time you will get bored while playing it since there is no "discovery".

    Discovery and exploration of both the game world and mechanics etc makes games of this kind interesting. I'd say give it to a tester or two and see what they say.

  • Add an election level to your game and make Trump become the mayor of your town. Instant fun.

  • Okay cool thanks for all your advices.

    BadMario lol

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