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  • hello,

    i am new to construct and have less experience with publish at Facebook.

    my problem is my webspace is just a homepage without https / ssl certificate.

    i had upload my game to my webspace per ftp and at my website it looks good.

    at fb i can not get it into facebook canvas, it stay white

    i believe because i did not have https at all.

    my trick was trying a short url from google with https link to my game.

    did someone know a easy solution to get a game into facebook canvas without extra costs?

    after export from construct2 is it ready for fb or do i need change the index.html page?

  • doesnt really have to do anything with https I guess.

    If you use, it´s super easy to get it on facebook!

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  • i tryed some links from for testing at fb but it comes a error with post, maybe the game was not for facebook canvas.

    seems is temporary limites for new accounts.

    do you have a https: game link, exported from construct2 for using at fb?

    i want use/test it for web preview button there.


    i got new hope, i got start a game in facebook canvas hosted at scirra

    there was a link for embedded i used at facebook "Secure Canvas URL"

    its not my game, its just any game i picked for a test.


    next i will upload my game here and see what happens.

    arrgg the link does not work "Developers » Upload a Game" ... edit: < today here it works

    haha, the scrirra arcade export is disabled until the next version is finished... need wait...

    edit: found something interesting in manual for google drive

    arrg seems this trick not work anymore with facebook.

  • watch this,

    Make sure you've done you facebook ID and Secrets in construct 2, Use dropbox, if you need dropbox pro its only about £8 a month? Not totally sure, Works brilliantly,,

  • stevenallot thanks for your info and video link

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