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  • This may be kind of long, sorry.

    I have been dabbling in the game development for 21 years now. My mother recently died of cancer at a young age so I thought man if i'm going to make games for a living I better start sooner than later. So I recently started game company. I just finished my first HTML5 game in GameMaker and I wanted to make a second smaller game in Construct 2 to learn the tool and test it out.

    I'm having a really big problem though. My very small game works fine in Chrome and does everything exactly how it is suppose to yet when I run it in Firefox or IE the game is totally different.

    Example mechanics that aren't working on all browsers.

    • Random spawn x number of platforms.
    • When a platform travels off the bottom of the layout destroy and spawn another one

    at a random left or right side of the screen at a given position above the layout.

    The above is pretty simple to do and works fine on Chrome. On IE and Firefox sometimes platforms

    spawn on both sides of the screen, sometimes there are large gaps between the platforms like one didn't

    spawn when it was suppose to.

    I'm ultimately confused on how it works fine on Chrome but is such a mess on the others.

    Another example

    -If the player lands on a platform start a timer. If the timer ends the platform breaks and the player falls.

    This timer is set at 0.175 seconds. It's perfect on Chrome yet on IE and Firefox it is half as long and you just instantly fall through.

    Has anyone had problems like this and how do you fix them? I never had problems like this with other tools. If something didn't work it didn't work across the board. Game logic is what it is. How am I suppose to change that to make it work on each different browser. For something that is suppose to be platform independent it doesn't seem to be working out like it should. This game is 96 events so far and probably 75% of it is setting properties and playing tweens using LiteTween.

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