My game doesn't like being recorded

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  • Hey,

    A few days ago, I discovered that amazing effect by chrisbrobs (I love you dude) : effect-direction-motion-blur_t166595

    This amazed me and bugged me at the same time. Indeed, this effect was published on January 7th 2016, and it happens that just before that, I spent like all my christmas holidays making this effect using the Paster plugin. My version was very hard to use, CPU consuming, a bit ugly, quite buggy, and only applied to the character. The new effect is way better, a lot smoother, super easy to use, and can be applied to objects AND layers. Which is amazing. However, here comes the problem.

    In my happiness, I decided to record that and share it on my Youtube channel ( a very small channel where I upload things with no particular rule or order), and here is the video:

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    As you can see, when I'm recording, the game runs at 12 to 18 FPS. When I'm not recording however, it runs at 55 to 60 FPS. And that's a HUGE problem. I need to have smooth footage of my game if I want to show it, make a trailer and stuff.

    Is there any way I can fix this?

  • you computer isnt powerful enough to both screen capture AND play the game at the same time? Old laptop?

    try on a more powerful computer

    also try capturing at a smaller resolution. play the game in a window

  • Well, I do have a laptop, yes, but it's really powerful. I was able to record a 30mn Overwatch gameplay at 1080P60FPS with no problem at all.

    I'll see if it has anything to do with my processor being lazy.

    I tried capturing the game with lower resolutions, and it does not help a lot. I guess it has to do with the fact that the game and the recording software may be using the same thread.

  • Have you tried a different recording program?

    I use this one for quick captures

    read the part about if you are using windows 10 with it for optimum performance.

  • 2D games tend to be more CPU heavy... not always, but tend to be. 3D games rely a lot more on GPU specifics... this is likely why you can record something like Overwatch with minimal fps impact.

    It really comes down to over-all CPU usage in your game - because your capture software will also use a bit of CPU as well as HDD I/O.


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  • Yeah, I know. Just to try, I recorded like 5mn of Limbo, and it does the same thing. Framerate drops a lot. I just verified, and it happens that I didn't have the Asus Power4Gear technology installed (I formatted a while ago, and forgot to reinstall it). Now it runs more at 30 FPS, which is a lot more acceptable as I can always speed up the footage a little to simulate my 60 FPS. But yeah, it happens that if I have a 2D Game AND a recording software running, my CPU will have a really bad time:

    I'll see if I find any method to use less of my CPU when doing both.

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