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  • Can games created in Construct2 be saved and distributed as an executable(desktop game-exe),if not are there any tools to do this or will this feature be added? Or is construct2 strictly for browser based games?

    P.S. I would gladly pay for a version of Construct2 that can be used for Cross platform developement(e.g where you can create a base game and only tweak some settings for the different os/platforms)

  • Have you read the FAQ? HTML5 is for browsers, there will be an exe exporter later on.

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  • Hi Gecko,

    That's the eventual aim, to have it export to multi platform! Construct 2 is being designed with this feature strongly in mind.

    However, we are initially developing to export to HTML5 at first, this is because it reaches the largest audience/supported platforms, and is an exciting new emerging technology!


  • If you're interested in cross-platform, HTML5 is far better than executables for that. HTML5 can run on almost any internet connected device without any modification whatsoever. Executables can only run on certain systems, are more difficult to port, and often require lots of security warnings to be passed before downloading and running!

  • Thanx for the quick replies. First of, much respect for making this great software<img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />. I asked this because my end goal is to sell my games and make them available for download. On some the other threads there's talk of selling the games via steam and desura,etc and I don't understand how this will work if the games are browser-based?

  • We're still working on the core software. We'll try to come up with some monetisation features in future.

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