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  • Hi.

    Does anyone know why some users experience a game crash while loading my game exported with node webkit? It only happens to a few but the strange part is that it happens to people who once were able to play the game before. I see more and more forum posts about this issue on the games forum and it worries me.

    The only plugin I have is the local storage so I have no idea what can be the cause of this.

    I don't get this myself so it is hard to troubleshoot it. But this is a error message one of my german users encounter:

    Any ideas on what the cause of this might be?

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  • If it works, then does not, usually due to a few things:

    1. Steam download or update corrupted some files. They need to validate the files and identify if there's some errors.

    2. Anti-virus software, such as AVAST is known to kill NWjs, just outright crashing it. Users need to make some exception for your game if they have some aggressive AV running.

    3. PC infected with Malware/Viruses.

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