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  • Hi my name is Ridhwaan Patel I am new here and just want to tell you guys abou a game jam that I am hosting there are prizes up to $160 so please enter and enjoy

    PS:This is a game contest that any developer is allowed to enter so just wanted to tell you that other software like GameSalad and Stencyl will be there so Construct lets see what you can do against those

    Go Construct

    here is the link:MgJ25



  • I think your post is somehow misleading, It would be good to state that prizes are of $160 value when added together.

    I hope I'm not misunderstanding, this is what I've gathered from reading your site!

  • sorry here is the real prizes:

    -$40 itunes gift voucher

    -$50 graphic buffet voucher

    -Firefly Hero tutorial pack


    -3d Blocks template (Link here) worth ?29.99

    -Stupid Pixels Template (Link here) worth ?19.99

    -Simple Smart Soundboard Template (Link here) worth ?9.99

  • come on guys sign up the jam starts tommorow


  • New prize

    chetah 3d model software


  • I find it kinda lame that it's a free site hosted at ... Not judging, but if you have 160$ worth prizes, you could at least get a proper domain/hosting.

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  • moundown thats exactly what we thought so we hired someone to make a site for us then we don't have any limitations but we are still waiting for him to finish and now all prizes add upp to more than $360

  • Thank you for the offer! I wish you the best of luck with your competition, and good work putting together some attractive prizes!

  • I think you might be hitting the wrong target on these forums ridhwaan08

    The prices of your contest are mostly templates for gamesalad and a software for mac.

    It's nice for mac and gamesalad users, but C2 being a windows software and not using gamesalad templates, it could be conceived as a loss of time for users to dedicate work in a game for this contest, knowing they couldn't use the prices if they won.

    Perhaps trying to open the price-pool to less mac oriented prices, perhaps offering C2 licences which could make a lot of non-yet licensees want to participate or even give away actual cash could be a good extra motivation.

  • Something seems fishy about this.

  • Kyatric -I have been in contact with a few people recently trying to get more windows based products and I think I will be getting some soon I have been in contact with the owners of scirra though they said they could not give any prizes since our competition is not a vvery high priority for them at this momment

    teahousemoon -its people like you that make my day <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • if you guys could produce a list of the stuff you guys want I will see if I can get it

  • I'd like a clear terms and conditions that states what you intend to do with the games that are submitted.

  • that is part of the reason why we are not going to put the games in SWF format (the contests make a video displaying gmaeplay and also blog about progress)

    so we will only have a video and I don't think much can be done with that <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I have tried to make an account on your website, and cannot log in, I've searched through my gmail folder and never received a confirmation link. it is impossible to create an account for your website.

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