Can i do this game with Construct 2?

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  • hey all, I want to know something about Construct 2,

    if someone could say me an answer , even admins, thanks.

    Can i make a simple action-game ,

    without any of "in-app purchases", "facebook functions" , nothing of theses functions ,without anything.

    Just a Action game, where you Press Start and the game start.

    When finish, you can restart. On the screen you have ~20 Sprites

    can i make this and export it to android and iphone easy?

    for commercial project with very good compatibility? with easy methods

    any advices, for anything? thanks

  • yes

  • If it's 2D, the answer is yes.

  • The engine can do it fine. In fact making a Tower Defense game has become a breeze. my daughter was tinkering with one recently. However I can't speak for performance for mobile. That will depend on what the hardware is.

    If your using CocoonJS your on the right track

    iPad 2 should be fine

    Android with a Tegra 3 or equivalent should be fine

    Anything less(ipad 1, ipod touch 4g or less, Tegra2) I wouldn't let the game run on.

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  • Yes, especially now with the new path finding behavior included in r117 making tower defense like games should be relatively easy.

    Regarding iOS performance, I have only an iPhone 3GS and my latest simple action/puzzle game ( ) works very well on it with no particular performance issue (I used CocoonJS).

    Good luck!

  • " path finding behavior included in r117..." - interesting, I wasn't aware of this feature (I'm only running r114 - the latest stable release). How many iterations does the beta normally extend to before the stable versions catch up?

    I wonder how the pathfinding performance will compare to my own A* plugin..

  • tanoshimi: it depends.

    Ashley tends to stick to a stable release cycle of 6 weeks.

    Though some stable versions might take longer if he considers the new features haven't yet been tested enough.

    You can find the link to the latest beta (and its changelog which lists the new features) at the bottom of most pages of the website.

    And here you can have a look/test at the new pathfinder.

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