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  • Are you on Windows or Mac? If you're on Windows the terminal probably isn't going to work, you'll probably need something like the Git Bash terminal client (

  • spy84,

    I have check it and test it on GameClosure's simulate, it show me error(

    " an uncaught error


    uncaught InvalidStateError:

    An attempt was made to use an object that is not or is no longer usable "


    so please tell me where is the wrong, I also check it build/debug/native-ios/index.html

    but also didn't work on browser..... in firebug it show a error

    " SyntaxError: illegal character


    ...te _;return function $$src_c2runtime(){// Generated by Construct 2, the HTML5...


    native-ios.js (line 427, col 60) "

    so please check it.......

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  • rob sorry my friend i dont know what this error really means. I have no idea.I dont have any knowledge about gameclosure i just opened this thread because i saw it like a good alternative to cocoonjs.Im just a hobbyist artist not a programmer at all.if you want to contact mario from game closures team.Maybe he can help you.Search for his email.Sorry wish i can help you but i cant

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