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  • I think it's a matter of audience target.

    GC is quite hard to set up properly for an average C2 user.

    In its current state even with an official exporter you'll still have to install the SDK on your windows machine and I can assure you that it's all but easy even for someone familiar with git and CLI terminals.

    Anyway it's a promising piece of software, it's well documented and have a good support. Let's see what happens in the near future.

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  • My point is : 14 people (or near this) can't make stable wrapper.

    Scirra is two-three man's company so...

  • Well as mentioning that GC is difficult to use for the target C2 audiance. The benefit is that GC is open source.

    In theory Scirra could setup a online service like Ludie and do the work by submitting. Another option is with some fiddling they could create a wrapper similar to Ludie CocoonJS launcher. Though That could take some more work. There are options.

    But as Scirra is a 3 man team and I suspect only 1 or 2 of them are the C2 developers. I don't think it would be quick undertaking. Maybe whent here staff increases.

    However I feel extremly that if Scirra could get very solid mobile exporting going. I very feel that would increase sales by a good jump.

    While the desktop is the primary support for C2. There is a steady growing desire for mobile, but more importantly true crossplatform. This isn't a debate of crossplatform of desktop computers aka Win,Lin,OSX, it's about platform devices. Desktop, tablet, phone.

    Games like GTA3, KOTOR, Baldurs Gate made it to IOS devices, but more importantly the new X-Com game is now on the iPad. The shift is coming and Scirra should take the benefit and offer true cross platform support. While the tech is there, the bridge is not there yet.

    But I suppose it will be what Ludie does next. When there next release is. If problems continue to persist maybe it's time to really move elsewhere. and I certainly believe that at the moment GC is the best alternative. It's too bad that they for some strange reason believe that WebGL is not worth the effort. Considering that performance would be better and offer access to so many more features.

  • Ashley what do you think about it?Do you find it a good alternative?Or for the moment we will stay as we are?

  • Arima you said 4 days before "I don't have any opinion of it yet, as I haven't researched it enough to formulate one".

    So what do you think?Do you research it?

    Developers : Do you have gameclosure in mind for the next releases of C2?Or HAXE or both of them (why not?).Please write a comment i feel like im talking to myself..i think the tread has a very specific object to discuss and i dont see someone from the team to make any comment.

  • spy84

    If you look through the forums for the subject. The Scirra staff have already voiced there opinions. We have a had a few large threads about the subject mostly small ones.

    While i'm not one of the Scirra staff. I have read it. And it's this. While Ashley is getting frustrated with Ludie lack of communication and there failure to fix problems. CocoonJS still stands as the best viable export for cross platform. It does this by being the least amount of effort for the most robust options.

    CJS supports a large set of WC3 features

    CJS has WebGL

    CJS has Preview over Lan

    CJS has a launcher

    CJS has a low use barrier.

    these features pretty much push it well above the others in use.

    what does GC have?

    GC has a large learning curve

    GC requires manual tinkering to work or C2 to officially support an export

    GC custom non WC3 libraries.

    what good thing does it have

    GC is open source

    GC is communicative than Ludie.

  • spy84 - I have too much else going on at the moment to research it.

    Integrating game closure into C2 is likely something that would take longer than a week or two. Integrating HAXE has been discussed before, and Ashley said it wasn't really an option because it would take probably around 6-12 months, development of anything else on C2 would have to halt for that whole time, it would make all third party plugins not work, and by the time it was integrated, it's likely other solutions would have caught up and improved sufficiently in that time to the point of making move pointless. What's more, is it would likely have it's own set of problems - stencyl decided to use HAXE for their next version years ago, and they still haven't gotten it working yet - likely because the transition wasn't as smooth as they hoped it would be.

  • GC is communicative than Ludie.

    well, to me that sounds wayy better than a "supported" plugin, cocoonJS that is...

  • so why not to have both of them?is there a reason to compare them?i see phonegap like an alternative for exports to mobiles but in the forum it seems that noone talks about it.but its there along with why not to have a third player in the game like gameclosure. im sure that both of them (cjs and gc)have their highs and their lows.but what an excellent option will be to have both of them and in time we decide which is better for exporting our games?

    Arima over 1-2 weeks?i dont care if it takes 6 months or a year i just want to be able to export a decent game to android.i dont ask much.i just need to see a plan!

  • Personally, I see that:

    CocoonJS (Ludei) is a really good technology when it works, when it don't work, it's another story, and it seems that when not working, a resolution is really hard to find, since communication is lacking.

    GC is more theorical for now, but it could mean:

    -Less functionnal when working

    -More communication, so problems can be solved more easily maybe.

    Seems more like which way would you take:

    -to cross the road easily, and risking to be crushed hardly

    -to go the long way, avoiding almost every car, it'll take time, but you'd be at home more quickly that going through the hospital after the car crash, and paying the contravention in the process (because it is likely than CocoonJS could be not free someday If I understood well)

    I know, easy comparison, but it seems like that for me

  • Aphrodite i dont know if its less functional than blaster was way better with game closure but anyway the cg plugin is not in the plans of the team so... we take the looooooong way back to home.

  • intel XDK

  • ghost diagonal grey lines

  • spy84 file a bug with Ashley man

    it's the only other 3rd(4rth?) party supported

  • Can anyone help me with Git? I want to try game closure but my skills are very basic in this area. When i try to run Git trough Terminal, i get: -bash: $: command not found   :/

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