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  • I don't know if this has been discussed before or not, or if it is even useful as I don't understand the technical inner-workings of what goes on when exporting a project but still thought I'd throw this out there...

    Does this look like anything that could offer another option to people exporting to android with native speed without using a browser wrapper?

  • It looked promising about a year ago when one of their community ported Space Blaster on Game Closure. Back then it was a bit hacky and not really newb friendly. I took the article as some sort of an invitation for someone in the C2 community to join up or create a plugin but there were no takers.

    Personally I thought it showed promise - especially as it promised android and iOS export all sort of joined in one wrapper set, but things have moved on considerably now there's Ejecta, CJS and Crosswalk to play with...

  • I've just downloaded the apk for Space Blaster from the link you posted and it works perfectly, no lag at all. I feel like we're missing a trick here??

    Here's the apk, I've just thrown it up on dropbox for safe keeping:

  • Hi there, I played a little bit around with the game closure compiling environment. It looks really nice. The result on the first look is mostly the same like using CocoonJS. But you don't have to give your work to a 3rd party. So that's why I really interested in using game closure.

    But there is one problem. Construct 2 v126 is the last one using jQuery 1 - all later versions are using jQuery 2. So when I tried to generate an apk using a later version than Constrcut 2 v126 I don't got any success.

    Someone got any solution or experience about this? I would really appreciate that


  • GameClosure promise was based on better dev and performance for Canvas rendering. however that was all lost when Ludei CJS came out with WebGL. GC also had a few of the same limitations as CJS.


    CocoonJS has, WebGL, C2 Plugin

    GC has, better Canvas renderer and JS engine. and effort to port.

    GC was the top of my list for awhile.

  • thanks jayderyu for your description so the big advantage of Cocoonjs is the WebGL + 3d support .. that's really nice ..

    but anyone here got success using Game Closure + Constrcut 2 in a current version?

  • mischa ashley is not positive for gameclosure plugin in c2 and maybe he was right. dont waste your time for gc. i opened a thread once and discussed the game closure thing but without success. yes its faster in space blaster game than cjs but i think that it has some serious issues, at least that i remember from discussions wiht users that tried to make it work with c2.

  • I think it sounds great as a concept - but if you're not code-savvy (I am not!!) then just loading the software is a bit of a nightmare. By nightmare, I mean I found it impossible...

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  • yeah you right - the installtion was complicated. first I tried on an Ubuntu machine, then Windows - but no success ..

    then I installed a debian in a virtualbox, following the installation instructions of the gameclosure page and all works perfect ..

    so it will take a little bit of a time to got it up and running .. but to have a local solution to create android and iOS package

    I think it's worth the work .. so if the confusing installation part is the reason why there isn't any gameclosure plugin in c2,

    I can create a litte tutorial what to do to create easily a working virtualbox to use the gameclosure compiler ..

  • I would prefer this option to ejecta for sure but only because it's cross platform. If the non-crosswalk android option from Intel has about the same performance then I guess it doesn't matter. Ashley, have you any wise words on this?

  • We are not prepared to support any new non-browser wrappers. It is extremely difficult to get it working, then they often omit important features like memory management, and then even if we get it working there are still difficult compatibility problems, largely due to the fact they don't implement the DOM (so things like XML parsing and form controls are just impossible to support).

    Crosswalk for Android is pretty unbeatable, since it's a real browser engine. Performance problems usually stem from the GPU blacklist, which I think you can optionally skip in the XDK now.

  • ah yes, that makes sense - thanks to all of you for your replys

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