Game Center, Openfeint & GameCircle Integration?

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  • Gentlemen,

    I have a brief question regarding Construct 2 and the integration of the aforementioned APIs. Before I buy I buy a license (which am strongly considering right now) I would love to know if there is any way to make use of Apple's Game Center (when exporting to iOS), Game Circle (when porting to Amazon's Kindle Fire/Android) or Openfeint? This would be really interesting in order to implement achievements etc.!

    I did some google research on that but couldn't find any information on such issues. Looking forward to your guys' response.



  • Nothing is impossible, if you export with phonegap it?s easy to integrate openfeint.

  • Openfeint is shut down now?

    My understanding is that Game Center isn't yet integrated into the CocoonJS plugin, but is coming soon.

  • Thanks for your quick responses.

    thehen, you are right. Wikipedia states that openfeint was shut down ("On November 16, 2012, GREE announced that it would be discontinuing the service on December 14, 2012, primarily in favor of its own similar platform." ~

    I'll do some research on phonegap and CocoonJS, too. As far as I understand your answers, there is currently no way to integrate Game Center.

    : So, integrating openfeint/GREE might be possible via phonegap!? How do you access those features? There is no "phonegap"-object to add, is it?

  • TheStoepsel2001 Currently it's possible by creating your own Construct 2 plugin for CocoonJS Game Center support, but I'd recommend holding off as it should be due very soon.

  • Do you got some Jquery and Javascript Skills ? If yes, it?s not even so hard you just edit the output from Construct, with Openfeint this are something like 20 lines code to change. I made this already 9 months ago for a customer.

    Gamecenter is also no big deal, look here:

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  • : Thanks a lot for the link! Looks very interesting. Weird that I didn't find that post with google!?


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