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  • Hi,

    when send a score to a leaderboard, i cant see any data in the leaderboard in SandBox mode.

    The app its created in itunesconnect but not pusblished.

    im use cocoonjs and using the name of the leaderboard (the contextual help in C2 say type the name).

    Maybe need to use leaderboard ID??

    when the app its not published, the leaderboard is visible in sandbox mode??


    Sorry for my english

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  • You need to create a sandbox game center account. I don't remember exactly how you do, try doing a google search.

    I know when I test my games through xcode, my device automatically logs into my sandbox account.

  • The problem its in leaderboad definition. In C2 the CocoonJS panel say "type leaderboard name" and the correct way is "type leaderboard ID".

    Im use the ID instead of name and found good!!

    I wonder why there is no action C2 and CocoonJS to send archiviements. This creates great limitations on Game Center and providing social potential.

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