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  • Hello !

    Did someone put a game on the Appstore since the 1st of may and the change of rules?

    I read in the gamemaker, stencyl and gamesalad forum that all the app are rejected for the moment because of the UDID things (don't know at all what it is).

    So i wanted to know if someone had that with C2, or if we have to expect to have that pb.

    (maybe it's more something to see with Ludei ?)

    By the way, another question as i'm here : doing an hi res app is a obligation now. So is the better way to do a 2024*1536 scene in fullscreen scale ? (in the case what do i need to put in the retina option ?)

    I'm asking cause it will be a big memory pb.

    I thought of doing a smaller scene, and play with the size of the sprites, to have a double size, but this trick doesn't work with tiles (cause they have a fixed image size)

    Thanks !


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