FYI: CocoonJS won't work with Spriter

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  • Just got an email back from Ludei asking if they'll ever have CocoonJS able to work with Spriter and C2, the reply I got is below. This is a setback for me, and likely for others, and I wanted to share it with you.

    Hi Chris

    Not at this moment, we support skeltal animations trought CAAT as you can see here:

    But this is based on Esoteric software ( and not on Brashmonkey's Spriter.

    There is no plans to add support for this in the future because is something that you can do with javascript...

    Sorry for any inconvenience,


  • The reason it doesn't work is because Spriter uses XML formats, and CocoonJS can't read XML files.

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  • Yeah; it's a shame though, CocoonJS seems like the only way to get C2 games onto mobile (nobody talks about appmobi anymore it seems), and Spriter is really good. Will it be possible to use that CAAT skeletal animation in C2?

  • ChrisAlgoo

    No, you won't be able to use CAAT. That's entirely different structures of animation and setup.

    I know where your coming from. However, I did some research into this myself on the the technical level and found some nifty things.

    Spriter for C2 uses DOMParser, which is just modifies the xml string into a window document. The Window Document is still mostly a string. Spriter uses browser based xml parser functions to go through the string to get the relavant information. SpC2 uses only about 3 functions to do the job and only does it once to load the object.

    Since it is only string based parsing it will be doable to create an alternative set of loose ends for CJS so that Spriter will work in CJS.

    I have a plan, but won't be working on it until the end of the month. I'll make a post in the Spriter thread when I have more on it. But even though CJS and Spriter won't do anything about it. doesn't mean we are completly lost :)

  • That is encouraging :) Thank you!

  • Great news, lucid from the Spriter forums said

    "I have a way to get around this limitation that will be compatible with cocoonjs as it is. I will implement this on the way to 1.0"


  • Nice!

    I was waiting Spriter would support 100% at any platform

  • ChrisAlgoo

    Great news, he didn't seem to want to work on a situation at the time. but I guess nearing completing he has realized that a alternative than browser parser was required.

    Saves me some work :)

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