The Future:2030 Competition Discussion

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  • Thanks for the kind words I knew there was something I'd forgotten...!

    Your game is excellent - good feeling of impending pressure / panic. Puzzle games were never my forte...!!

  • Here's my games for the 2030 GameJam....

    A lot of sweat and tears are in it, but worth every efford. Good learning process...

  • Weird, should appear in "Under Judgement" or in "Latest Games"... Maybe Blammed? Or you haven´t published it correctly?

    clockworkmonster It is in the latest game, I can play it. What i mean is that it's not in the Construct 2030 jam list

  • nothaseo It's there. It's between Let's Run and Water Odyssey.

  • Thanks for arranging the contest, the theme is really inspiring and C2 as a tool is simply amazing. I posted an entry too, but can't post a link here yet =P it can be found on newgrounds though easily (named 0302)

  • blackhornet can you provide a link? It's strange I just opened it n couldnt find it. Thanks

  • I don't know what the heck happened. I couldn't find the html file no matter how many times I tried to export my file.

    My friend and I have been working on the game for 2 months and we finished, but I couldn't figure out how to upload it.

    In a video on YT I saw he had all the files I didn't unfortunately.

    We finished, the game is awesome for our first game ever!

    If anyone can help I would love that. If I can still upload the game into the competition since I've been trying since yesterday now <_<.

    I'm asking for mercy! I'm going to keep trying to figure out what's wrong with my computer.

  • Here's the error I was getting after trying different stuff I will now try searching the error alone.

    This was all that was holding me back from entering yesterday. I hope I could still upload it today after 2 months of learning to use Construct 2 and making the game with my art friend.

    Please help none the less.

  • You pick the directory to export to and C2 asks if you want to open it. Say yes. Then select all files and ZIP them. You them upload this file.

  • blackhornet

    Sorry the pic didn't come up that's the error I got I did it right I believe. Is it because I'm using chrome???

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  • It's not chrome - 95% of my time is in Chrome. To get around the security, just add a space in any link so it's not a 'Real' address.

  • My submission, uploaded just in time (phew!)


    Arcology is a city-building game, focused on the problem of ever-rising population levels, and the need to live sustainably. By 2030 Arcologies could be financially feasible, though it's still going to be a challenge to manage them. Can you create a sustainable Arcology?

    The main twists to the genre for this game are:

    Population: Rises constantly, whether you want it to or not. That's how the world works. As the Governor of this city it's up to you to provide homes and food for people. Most city-building games only increase population as the player creates new houses, allowing players to freeze population levels at will. If only life was so simple!

    Sustainability: The purpose of an Arcology is to be self-sustaining. If your Sustainability level reaches zero, the Arcology project has failed, and it's game over.

    Connect 4: More or less The vast majority of buildings provide bonuses when built alongside specific other buildings, and you build vertically as well as horizontally. There's a whole variety of different combinations, multiple play styles to focus on, so should lead to a lot of replayability. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to construct every possible building in one play through.

  • Thanks

    dont zip the folder directly after you export your project. Open the folder, select all the files and zip them

  • nothaseo blackhornet

    Thank you both! Because of the Grace period we were able to add almost everything!

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