Will future updates break the current projects?

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  • I'm worried that current projects made with the current version of Construct 2 will have problems in future releases of the program, for example if you change or update a core part of the program, is that gonna affect the game in any way? Will it become corrupted or have any problems when updating to a new Construct 2 version? Thanks.

  • What I do, is when I update the software to the newer version (eg, R71) I quickly rename the old copy to Construct2 Old, and then install it, When it prompts you to uninstall the older version it finds say no, It will make the newer version the default but you still have the older version just in case, so then test your projects on the new version if they work delete the old..

    Or you could be normal and if there is a problem go to the release archives and download the copy it worked on! :D

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  • I always create a new saved version with the added suffix of the revision. So for instance, if the game is called MoonWalker, then I install revision 73, then I will save a new copy as MoonWalkerR73.capx. That then becomes the current project.

  • I work hard to make sure projects never break with upgrades. In the past I've added features which changed the project format, but wrote in extra code to convert the old format to the new one, so nobody noticed. It's happened a few times now <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    On rare occasions features have to change. I'm always reluctant to do this but sometimes it means the software is better and easier to use, and IMO this is always good in the long term so we don't all get stuck with old crap features that never get upgraded "for backwards compatibility". The only recent example is r69 changed the auto-mirror feature. This meant everyone had to tweak their projects, but it wasn't much work - only a couple of actions, and it means the feature is now more flexible too. However, like I say this is done rarely and I'm aware it's annoying if it happens too much so it's avoided if at all possible.

    So I wouldn't worry, just keep an eye on the changelogs for anything that affects you. Don't forget you can always install old releases of Construct 2, and if you regularly back up your project (which you always should) even if somehow the project is corrupted you've got your backup.

  • Thanks everyone. Ashely, I'm with you on the "if it's gonna be better, change it", but I understand that people could get mad if they'd have to fix their project often.

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