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  • Good day everyone i've been using c2 for a while now but to my surprise i really don't understand what the margins accomplish.i've checked the C2 manual and this was the information they gave:

    The size, in pixels, of the margins. The margins are the grey areas outside the layout area. This only affects the Layout View and has no effect when previewing.

    Am sure you're wondering why am asking for this kind of information,but my real issue is memory management

    i checked Ashley's tutorial on memory management and she said something about putting your objects in the layout view,she said c2 preloads the objects in the layout view and if the object is not needed it should be destroyed on a start of layout event,but the issue is my game has lot of objects and i am not sure i can put all those objects in my layout view so i want to clear my doubts by asking if my objects can be put within the margin space and still be preloaded when my layout starts.if not what else should i do to save memory.ANY HELP WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED THANK YOU FOR READING AND HELPING

  • Firstly, Ashley is a man.

    Regarding Layout margins, here is a reply from Ashley regarding a similar question:


    Also, if you are worried about memory and performance, then Ashley's blog on Answer your own performance questions with measurements may be of use.

    Hope this answers your question.

  • Firstly, Ashley is a man.

    hahahahahah i lol'd so hard.

  • Thanks a lot for the help i now at least understand about margins but seriously i didn't know that Ashley was a guy,it was really confusing and funny by the way.

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  • As a French, Ashley is not a common name and it's the first time I heard a man called like that.

    The other one was the girl character in Wario Ware

    I thought too it was a girl until I checked who's behind Construct.

  • Oh yeah, the french always have such manly male names. </sarcasm>

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