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  • Hello

    The question as been asked in the bug section but i think its not a bug so i ask the question here

    If you create instance with a call function you cant change or use property of the new instance into the same event

    Or (and its why i think its not a bug ) you just need to wait 1 tick to interact with the new instance in the same event

    I just need to know if this can be change in the futur

    thanks in advance

  • I'd like to see this changed, it's very fiddly to use and can really cause problems. But it was explained by Ashley in another post that this was a necessary change for stability reasons. Hopefully in the future a better solution will be found because it really is awkward and a major stumbling block the first time you come across it.

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  • Hum

    i hope it will be possible .

    This just force to me to keep instance evry time and so increase the number of sprites

  • It's pretty heavily ingrained into C2 that newly created objects can't be picked until the next top level event. Because functions don't keep the scope of your working objects you have to repick it - thereby dashing any hopes of accessing the created object.

    Maybe Ashley can do something like give functions the option of keeping the scope of the calling method - that way the object wouldn't have to be repicked and you could still modify it. It's a bit of a longshot though.

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