Fullscren ads on Landscape view MoPub + CocoonJS

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  • I just tried Fullscreen ads from AdMob + MoPub

    (and CocoonJS: scale outer + stretch to fill)

    but I have little problem

    in all my levels I have

    On start layout > scroll to

    and going to center of layout (so app fit 16:9 and 4:3)

    when I initiate Fullscreen ads - it works

    however... when user click "x" button (he don't want to click ad)

    then he goes back to layout, but this time layout is not centered as it was after scroll to

    In general I saw that it happens also on "external" links,

    for example: user clicks "Rate app" buton,

    goes to Google Play,

    and when he is back: again layout is not centered as it was after scroll to

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  • further investigation:

    My app uses landscape view

    My ad unit is Phone / Fullscreen (320 x 480) and selected "Landscape" on MoPub level

    Now I see that if fullscreen ad is:

    • show in portrait, then click on "x" = landscape level view -> portrait ad view -> landscape level view = layout not centered
    • show in landscape, then click on "x" = landscape view -> landscape ad view -> landscape level view = layout OK

    and even if I selected "Landscape" on MoPub level - it still can show full screen portrait ads

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