Fullscreen issues [r104]

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  • I got three problems at the moment with fullscreen.

    1. Fullscreen in Awesomium makes Awesomium crash 95/100 times in r104:

    This happens within the first 10 sec.

    Before I bother Ashley about this, can somebody please see if you got the same problem. I have tried this on two different computers (Nvidia/Ati based). I had a few issues before r104, but now it's almost every time.

    2 and 3. Fullscreen in Chrome:

    When using F11 to get into fullscreen, everything is fine. But when I use the browser request fullscreen, there is a single pixel wide white line in the left side of the picture, and generally much much worse fps compared to the F11 method.

    Hope some of you guys have experience with these issues. I don't wan't to post this in the Bugs section, because I wan't to confirm if others have these issues.

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