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  • ludei

    Ok, for about a week I have been trying and trying to get Fullscreen ads working in one of my apps. I've tried both AdColony and InMobi. Adcolony seems to work until you go live (remove test ads) and InMobi I can't get to display anything.

    Both confirm communication with their SDK when I test the game. Just no ads show.

    Can anyone confirm that Show Fullscreen Ad actually works with the CocoonJS plugin for Construct 2?

    I'm preloading the ad on my title screen. Then my level select screen, on startup is using Show Fullscreen Ad.


  • I saw other issue. If you put 320x50 banner then on 1280x800 resolution it looks ok, but on screens with i.e. 800x480 it looks much bigger than it theoretically should.

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  • Ok I got them working, but there is a problem and I'm not sure if it C2 or CJS.

    My game is compiled with the online compiler. I'm loading my debug apk onto my device and using eclipse to debug.

    I have Show FullScreen Ads on my start of layout. First time I go to the layout it fires, I see mopub doing it's thing in the debugger. However, every time I leave the layout and come back to it, it never fires again. Is the Show FullScreen Ads action on suppose to fire once per game session?


  • ArcadEd

    We're you ever able to get full screen ads working with InMobi in cocoonjs? I'm able to get banner ads showing but so far nothing shows with full screen ads.

    I'm wondering if I should try other networks like you did.


  • Greystripe and AdColony were the only 2 I got working.

  • Thanks. I managed to get full screen ads working with Chartboost.

    Also, to anyone that's having trouble getting a full screen ad to display more than once per session, try including a 'refresh full screen ad' action some time before calling 'display full screen ad'. That fixed the problem for me.

  • ArcadEd I was wondering if you've found it worthwhile using Greystripe and Adcolony. Would you recommend those networks?

  • I pretty much just use mopub and admob. Mopub has been paying pretty well actually, and I guess they would pay better if I enabled Video Ads, but I just haven't.

  • ArcadEd

    ah interesting. So how do you get Mopub ads to show? I don't see a checkbox for Mopub ads in the cloud compiler. Do you just enable them in mopub?

  • It's the mopub marketplace. If you don't turn it off when you setup your ads, they just run. You might want to adjust the CPM for it.

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