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  • I've got a project started with one layer, a few objects, one event sheet, and 22 events (according to the status bar).

    Construct 2 (free edition, release 163, 64-bit) is now complaining that I've exceeded the free edition limits and I can no longer try the product's functionality. I thought I could go up to 100 events?

    I've rebooted my computer and Construct 2 continues to complain.

    Any thoughts on why this might be happening? I was hoping to get to know the product, and now I can't test the Windows 8 App functionality.

  • looking at the compare features (at ).

    Have you exceeded the number of effects (max 2) ?

  • You've probably exceeded one of the other limitations - like effects etc

    I had same issue when I started. And when I got to 88 events I brought the personal license, should have done that long before as families alone were worth it not to mention sub folders etc

    I have since brought the business license - very impressed with C2. I thought it was a hobbiest tool, etc, etc. I couldn't have been more wrong. It kicks many many big boy software's to the curb.

  • Thanks RamPackWobble! It was effects. I don't really need effects to try things out - so I removed them, saved my project, closed Construct 2, then opened it again and was back in business!

    I hear you Dutoit on purchasing a license - and I'm almost ready to do this. What's holding me back are the many bugs I've found in the product.

    I've encountered a bug that prevents the events sheet from being re-interpreted when running again (boy that was annoying), a bug that stops my game from running at all, and a bug that hangs C2 during an Export - all in the latest build 163. All of these the bugs were cleared up by closing and re-starting C2 - but as the saying goes, "where there's smoke, there's fire!" I'm worried about investing a ton of time in a game on C2 then having a serious problem crop up and impact my work. $100 is a lot of money for a product with as many issues as I've found.

    I've also seen several one-time bugs (i.e. I couldn't reproduce them) that included a message to please "send this bug to the developer" - and I was a little surprised they didn't offer me a button to do exactly that. Clearly C2 knew something was wrong - why not instrument the product to collect these incidents?

    That said, C2 seems to be much easier to use than Game Maker Studio - and I haven't encountered any issues that couldn't be fixed by restarting - so Scirra may get my dollars yet.

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  • The product is still being developed on, but basic editing is the main concern because there will be more stable releases in the future. There have been many updates, and using the full version I haven't encountered any of the bugs you have mentioned. I got it way back during the early adopters, and it's worked 100% of the time aside from beta builds. I try to not use beta builds unless it contains features I could benefit from, and as best practice I keep a backup of my files anyways. It's all preference. I should say also, that if you do graphics in a proper way, you can bypass effects for a different effect. HTML5 canvas and WebGL are still being developed on as well, and _hardware still has to catch up!_ To release to as many platforms as possible, you have to make sacrifices of what you think is cool for players, which in turn end up process intensive. This is a competitive field, but making that sacrifice of "cool looking" for speed and finding different display methods during this time can be beneficial on the whole. Know your own limitations, and it's important to know the limitations of your audience.

    It's worth the buy if you're witty enough to live in the moment, not just with C2's stage of development, but HTML's as well. Also remember Acid3tests, as browsers aren't 100% themselves. We are in a developing process, and it's not going to be too much longer before everything (hardware wise) is powerful enough to benefit from the new technologies.

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