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  • Hi everybody, I've recently started using construct 2 (with the free license) and I've seen something like "If you want to make money with your games you need to get the license" So I have a question about it.

    As long as I don't charge anything for the game, can I publish it anywhere?? even in sites like the Appstore or the Appworld??

    And, by the way, can I use the sounds FX pack available in the main page on those games??


  • Yes. Thou must not profit from thy efforts from the Free Version.

    And yes, them free sounds can be used, but not used to earn coinage unless thy purse opens up and shares some of its wealth with Ashley and Tom.

    Thank ye for thy patronage.

  • You can publish free apps anywhere you like with the free edition.

  • Ok, thanks for the answers.

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  • I forgot to ask something else about this. When using construct2 with the free license (or in general) is it required to write things like "this game was created using construct2" and/or to include the logo?

    Thanks again.

  • yes you can include construct2 logo , i remember i have posted a topic for that :P and it would be better if you use the official logo but you can use your own style

  • So, if I understand correctly I can say inside the game that I used construct2 but it's not mandatory, right?

  • In the HTML file its mandatory to keep that line below the game.

    Don't know how it should work for native apps etc.

  • So there are too many limitations for the "free users". This is too much I think.

  • RacerBG I only bought a license a few days ago, but before that I won a competition with a game I made in the free edition, I then used the money to buy the license. But the game was made with less than 100 events, in about 50 events, I managed to get the whole puzzle game done. The game is still under 100 events.


    The 100 events can be a limitation if you aren't thinking enough on how to conserve the use of events, but it also taught me how to build events more wisely, using less of them to do more. Which in the end, is a good thing.

    Having a short line which teaches people how to make a game with the same engine which is being provided free for you below you game is not really too much a limitation..

    If you're a hobbyist who won't make a hundred bucks out of your game, the free edition is more than enough for you. If you buy a license, things get serious. I'd only have taken this jump if I'd realized I may one day use the engine to earn back more than that.

  • Im making games ONLY under the GNU license. In other words - I will never make shareware games. Im strong supporter for the free software on the net, that's why by the way Im here. When r100 is released I will download it for sure just to see what I will be able to do. By the way compared to the other game makers, C2 have good amount of freedom in the free edition (the only thing that seems bad for me are the new prizes because for 2D only maker this seems a lot). Well someday I can try to participate in competition and we will see what will happen. But if C2 becomes even greater and I hope with less prizes someday (100% guaranteed I will buy it). The reasons why Im not doing it now are financial, the HTML thing and also Im not sure of it's future.

  • Well.. Unity Pro is $1500.

    Its not a fair comparison, but each game engine has a purpose, and for Construct 2, thats 2D games. I really think there is a lot of potential in the market for 2D games, so I don't mind a hundred bucks for never-expiring license to make 2D Games :)

  • RacerBG have you tried the Game Maker free version? I hope you don't need to rotate your sprites!

  • If you want to make seriously games with Construct 2 you, of course need to buy it, but it's not only for you, when you buy Construct 2 you support the continue of development for Construct 2, I think they work hard for make us the things a lot more easy.

    But it's just mi opinion.

    Think in the r100, It comes with a lot of good notices, like the .exe exporter! Mind in what will come with ~r200

  • RacerBG have you tried the Game Maker free version? I hope you don't need to rotate your sprites!

    Rotating s;rites is very easy but I don't know about the Lite version. I have the Pro version and at all I can do everything (my knowledge is my only limiter).

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