Free hosting for testing games?

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  • Used to be we could export a C2 project to dropbox or google drive to preview it. None of these solutions seem to be working anymore. Anybody know of any alternatives (short of buying hosting just to test your game)?

  • Didn't know Dropbox wasn't working.

    Uploading to,, as well as gamejolt are all fairly simple, and free.

  • newt it's now that dropbox doesn't work new accounts don't have a public folder option anymore

  • You could try Google Drive. ... ogle-drive

  • is a free host and they do a pretty good job at it, only thing is that they do popups, but they don't spam them and it's tolerable

  • newt

    Gave google drive a try a while back, but I couldn't get it working either. Dropbox used to work great, but now, not so much.


    Thanks for the link.

  • has been rather impressive so far for me. Completely free hosting without any strings attached - no banners, no pop-ups, and the top altervista bar can be turned off as well in the control panel.

    I've been with these Italian guys for three months now, and no complaints - it feels more like a paid hosting service than a free one.

  • It's not that new Dropbox users can't have public folders, it's that they're not enabled by default.

    Dropbox: "New Dropbox accounts created after October 4, 2012 no longer include an automatically enabled Public folder..."

    TiAm What's wrong with Dropbox?

    EDIT: Apparently only Pro and Business users can enable public folders, never mind.

  • I guess $9.99 a month isn't bad for dropbox, but I don't need 1TB of space. Wish they had something like a 'Pro Lite' plan for $2-3 a month with less storage, but all the features. Kind of like how google drive has 100gb for $1.99 a month.

  • You said you used dropbox before, old accounts can still enable and use the public folder.

    Also, if you're willing to spend $9.99 a month just to test games, you can get a basic hosting package with a domain for cheaper.

  • Dude, just create a folder and name it Public.... it's that simple. Dropbox will automatically set it as your "public" folder.

  • Sargas

    This works for you on a free dropbox account? Doesn't work for me.

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  • Rayek

    Well, to hell with dropbox. I just tried altervista, and it's great.

    Exported a project, zipped up my folder, uploaded it (it auto-extracts zips), and brought up my game. Works perfect.

    You get 1gb of space, and traffic caps at 15gbs per month. I don't think I'll be coming near either of those limits.

    Color me happy.

  • google drive works again! there's just a million (okay, like one extra than before) steps now..

    their explanation kinda confused me at first. but you just make it public, then copy all that gobbledygook out of the url they give you, then put it after[gobbledygook]

  • Here is an example of game with more than 10mb, uploaded successfully to the website Kongregate.

    Thanks a lot to Ashley and AarongamerX for the tutorials

    Here are the simple ways:

    Step 1) Upload your game to Google Drive

    Step 2) Upload To Kongregate

    That's it, Hope it helps =)

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