Framedrops on PCs with monitors of different resolutions?

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  • I might've mentioned something similar previously on the forum, but I have been noticing very severe framedrops lately during preview on setups with monitors of different resolutions.

    I first dismissed it as some isolated incident, but when I tried hooking my new beast mode laptop to a monitor (with different resolution than the laptop itself), it quickly became unworkable. A blank project with one platform object chugged along at 20 fps during preview. The moment I went back to a 1 monitor setup, it all worked again. Is this a C2 issue or a chromium issue?

    Edit: This happened on all browsers I tested on (Chrome, Firefox, NWjs)


  • Had the same problem. I have three monitors and one is a 144hz monitor and for some reason all previews lags like hell when I try to run it on that one. So I have to turn off the other two to run the game smoothly. But I have no problem running the game on the other two even when I have all three monitors on.

    But it's probably my graphics card that is the bottleneck here. What do you have and are you using high Hz monitors?

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  • Anonnymitet I only have two 60 hz monitors. I refuse to think it's the GPU. My main setup has a 970, the laptop that got the worst results has a 1060 optimus setup. While one could first blame it on the intel card, that screen was only duplicated. No such thing as any overload taking place. The moment I unplugged the monitor it ran butter smooth again.

  • It's a chromium bug, there's an open report. This mentions multi monitor trouble: ... ?id=467617

    If you have two monitors with different hz, vsyncing is going apeshit.

    I think it uses the frequency of the "main monitor" to vsync even if the project is playing on another monitor with different frequency.

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