FPS drop in Chrome?

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  • just a quick mention, after noticing some strange performance issues in Chrome, I decided to try a test cap in each browser, 1 object using platform behaviour, 1 object using solid. As a result, with platform behaviour attached to the object, only Firefox and IE stayed above 60 fps. Every other browser dropped down into the low 20's. When removing platform from the object, all browsers were back to where they should be... any ideas? Did something in the platform behaviour change recently that makes it more of a hog? Can anyone else reproduce these results, perhaps it's just my machine (shouldn't be though)

  • in addition, it appears that trying to reproduce a jump/fall system through events is just as fps damaging, I'm not sure why this would be causing issues though

  • Hmm, closing the browser completely and reopening it seems to make a big difference, I didn't realize chrome had a memory leak, when I checked in task manager, Chrome was using ridiculous resources that were stacking up over time even though nothing about browser content was changing.

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  • Odd performance results like this are often reported, and I have a feeling they're just coincidence. Maybe some background process started on your computer and killed one browser's results, making you think the whole browser was slow. Or the browser hadn't got round to optimising the javascript yet. And so on. You shouldn't be able to see much performance difference with simple projects - I'd recommend trying across a range of different computers, browsers and times.

  • That's exactly my new plan lol, at this point I was just previewing to make sure a new set of events were working, and it made me panic a little lol, bu killing and restarting the browser seemed to have fixed it, I'll be keeping my eyes open to see if this is a recurring event, as I tend to have my browser open for days at a time without closing it (I'm too lazy to close, reopen pages when I've not finished with them lol)

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