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  • Good day friends!

    I am interested in game design as a hobby (not for profit) and I bought gamemaker studio in a humble bundle sale last year and well, its excellent software but I really can't get on with it to be quite honest.

    I stumbled upon Construct 2 and having spent the last two days reading up on it and watching videos about it, this seems to be just what I'm really seeking! powerful yet friendly and easy to learn. superb!

    now for my question, I know its not a nice thing to ask and I am sorry for asking but do you plan on having a sale anytime in the future? I am not saying for one minute that your software isn't worth the price, not at all. but I'm on a very low income and disabled so money is very tight. a sale would be really really nice if thats at all possible?

    if there's not one coming up, that is okay. I will just save my money and buy it in a couple of months, but it was worth asking.

    Thank you for reading this and I hope to be posting lots of "how do I do this" questions once I buy it. haha

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  • Welcome

    Discounts on Construct 2 are rare, so I woudn't expect it to happen any time soon. Before you buy thou, go and try the free version. See if the workflow suits you.

    Feel free to post those How do I..? questions. I'm sure the nice Community here will help you out.

  • FrankField - Yes there are scheduled promos that I seem to see that never misses. For Example Holidays. I am very sure that there will be a promo on Christmas since Scirra doesn't miss out on christmas holiday promos but that is very far off.

    But there are also other big holidays that Scirra might offer one but it is unsure. It depends on Scirra if they want to make the promo like this Easter, there were no promos made by Scirra but unexpected events might give them the decision to make a promo this year. For Example a new game jam.

    Just keep checking on Scirra Store.

  • As was said above, promotions are rare, however, you can do good games, and learn C2 till you stack some money with the free version for non-profit only, you are limited to html5 games, Browser games, and windows (nodejs) have a splash, and you can do games in 100 events, which i think its more then enough for learning purposes, plus it will push you harder to create a simple logic event system, in under 100 events(events are the logic blocks that you code the games or apps you want in C2).

    But remember the price listed for C2 is 1 time fee, after that you dont pay nothing for extensions or other updates comparing it with Game Maker where the simplest form of it charges you for 100 bucks or more and if you want the android and other exporters you pay another 800 bucks.... so from 1000 bucks to 200 ... its a good drop of price... plus its basically as same, maybe, even more powerful.

    Give it a try you wont regret it.

    A tip though, i know steam versions are cheaper some times, i dont advice you buying there, since its stuck on steam interface.

  • Thanks, I will try the free version and save my money up to buy.

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