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  • I was wondering if anyone else has had a problem lately getting Kongregate to load the latest updated files. By changing script src="c2runtime.js" in the index.html to something like this script src="c2runtime.js?Version2" used to work to force it to load the newest files but when i try it now I get a black screen. I just updated to the newest Construct 2 version and was wondering if it is a bug there or something changed with Kongregate?

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  • I haven't tested this with Kongregate or anything other than Dropbox, but in my experience, you don't need to trick the browser in any way to force a re-download, just increase the version number in the project settings each time you export a new version.

  • I tried what you suggested and it still uses the old cache file on Kongregate. I know it says it takes up to 15 minutes to clear old cache but it never does. Anyone else have a clue on what is going on?

  • So, did you find any way to do it? My games are hosted on Google Drive and it doesn't work either. I tried changing the version number too and the game won't update anyway.

  • Either delete the offline.appcache (quick, you lose the caching entirely though) or you support the game updating system with events. ... onstruct-2

    And that's it.

  • Aphrodite could you explain why you think that is the problem/fix? Could you maybe explain what changed to cause my old way to no longer work.

  • I do not know why your way would not work anymore, I know this is the way to force the reload of files, however if you still have a black screen, the problem might come from something else.

  • I have no idea what is going on. I deleted the offline.appcache and tried uploading the update to kongregate but it still won't even show in preview the files I just uploaded. I don't know if it's something changed on kongregates end or something with construct 2. Anyone else out there having this trouble? I've contacted kongregate support and they said they can't help me with debugging my game or something to that effect.

  • I know this is an old thread, but i just found it while looking for something else.

    We had same issues with kongregate (roughly even at same time as OP) and still happening very often.

    You are doing nothing wrong. This issue is entirely on Kongregate side. We have been uploading 10 updates a day because of that, and spamming all possible support on kong (chat, other devs and all possible emails) for days. And finally some random guy from support explained what is going on on their side... Then few more guys were working with us to fix that... Which ultimately ends up on deleting our game entirely - by kong staff, and uploading our updated version again as a completely new game. Yup, we had over 1000 play after initial update, some comments, rating, positioning etc... All gone, new update equaled fresh start. Two days later we send update again... same thing happened. And then we gave up on Kongregate. Last game we published there only when we knew there are no very bad bugs in it.

    On kongregate you have to upload index.html and zip file with all the rest. What is happening is that the new updated files from the zip are not replacing old files on their servers. Instead they might merge together making one big mess. We had situations where all text objects on the game was showing from new updated version, but graphic assets was still from old version of the game!

    We didn't upload there anything in last couple of months, so maybe they finally fixed that idiocy (highly doubt it).

    But just in case make sure your game is good as possible (regarding to bugs) before you upload it there!

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