How to force platform to land?

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  • Hi.

    When a platform behavior object hits a slope while it is in falling state it does not switch to landing. It stays on "falling"

    I see there are no events to force a certain platform behavior.

    Does anyone know how to force a new behavior?

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  • Ashley can you guys please investigate this.

    If a platform is jumping onto a slope and hits the slope at such a height that it doesn't fall it switches directly to moving and not to landing.

    The result is a lot animations break.

  • You can put invisible sprite in the top of the slope, and when the player overlapping the sprite - play animation slope.

    If you can't make it, upload your capx and i will fix it for you.

  • This sounds like a bug. Please report it to the bugs forum following all the guidelines.

  • Ashley

    Thank you. Will submit it in the bugs section soon.

    Is there a place i can send you guys the capx without exposing it to the entire forum?


    Thing is i don't want to create additional animations to compensate.

    I already have all my normal animations. Basically if landing doesn't trigger then the player just floats until you let go of the keys.

    And if you try to compensate with manually setting it to the landing animation it all goes weird because now you let go of the keys then only does landing trigger and then the whole animation starts again.

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