Fonts: the best procedures?

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  • Hi guys

    I intend to make an application that will have a lot of text. What is the best procedure: to use a system font (what would be the most common font ?) or to use a spritefont? I would rather using a system font if that's the best solution. Does the construct 2 embed the font in the application? If so, I can use anyone, right? Thanks a lot.

  • Unless you have some specific need for system fonts, definitely go with spritefonts. Better performance and better support.

  • Another +1 for spritefonts.

  • definitely spritefont even if we can't refresh the layout view when you use custom "Set character width" on eventsheet

  • Only use webfonts if you want your game to appear different to each player...

  • Thank you, guys.

    I would suggest a good website to generate sprite sources in PNG

    h t t p : / / k v a z a r s . c o m / l i t t e r a /

  • Colludium

    if I put the font´s file (ttf) inside the folder File, create a css and set the webfont to that family (from css), it works just perfect for me. Is there any other problem in use webfonts that I am missing?

  • frcol, it really depends on the effect you are after and the game you are making use of the font in. I did a Ludum Dare game a year ago which used lots of web fonts and some players reported that the text was not there, too small, too large, not loaded and was system default, and so on.... It was far from consistent.... so I only ever use Text objects for debugging now.

  • Braus

    This is, by far, the best tool for generating C2 spritefonts:

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  • Thank you, I used the sprite font generator and others to make tests and I found some issues: Text quality is lost when decreases the size, but the biggest problem is the spaces between characters when it is created in Photoshop, for example. You must configure all of them in the script. Is that right? Any tips?

  • Braus

    Yes. What you describe is the result of a kerned font being translated to a monospaced font; by default spritefonts are 'monospaced', which means that each letter is the same width, and is spaced equally from each other. With most fonts this looks bad, because the letters are different sizes and shapes (kerned).

    What makes GYFM indispensable is that it generates a json string that can be used to set your font to the correct kerning if monoscaping is not what you're looking for. It's pretty straightforward to do.

    Go back here:

    and search for and download this capx:


    The JSON string is generated by GYFM when your export a spritefont; look for the similarly named text file that is exported with the spritesheet.

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