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  • Any suggestion to add SOME kind of visually related flow chart within C2 while using in-project images, etc, to "see" prior to any active preview how things are connected would be difficult, I'm sure (I can't even begin to describe how it MIGHT be described, let alone wonder if it COULD)...

    So, dreaming aside, could anyone recommend a flow chart program to aid in the C2 game development? The Event/Action visual instruction nodes is great, but it's not always easy to SEE how one thing is connected and affects another. Especially when you have option 1 / option 2 / option [#] that will take you all over the event sheet and layouts depending on the actual events that take place.

    (This may be in the wrong category, I realize, but it seemed related in a loose way...)

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  • I would discourage you from using flow charts heavily, other than as a learning tool. My opinion of 2D based programming systems (compared to events, which just list downwards) is that they are really inefficient with space, and you quickly end up with a unwieldy spaghetti which hurts more than it helps. It's harder to learn how to hold it all in your head, but much much better once you've done so.

  • That an interesting subject. I like this model of programming. Object Selection with command based coding. It allows a lot of avoidance of syntax errors and is usually clearer to notice errors.

    After using C2 coding model for a while. I checked up with other VPL(Visual Programming Language) and found they are visual node base. Similar to flow charts. After looking at some of the work. I can't imagine any robust game using visual nodes. It looks like it can get very unwieldy quickly.

    Saying that however, I have purchased uScript and Playmaker for Unity. Playmaker is more VPL. It looks from what I can tell that Playmaker is while visual node base. Is also more traditionally Object structured in presentation than C2. Which means that it should be possible, but you should be very, very careful with your structure.

    I personally don't think C2 should not go visual nodes. I don't believe it adds a whole lot. I find C2 Eventsheet a wonderful balance. I wouldn't mind a little more Object presentation structure like GMS. Where I can click on my Sprite Object then I'm shown all the Sprites Events; rather than click on a sheet.

    .... that might be interesting. EventSheets hidden and orientated to the an Object directly. So clicking on PlayerSprite would bring up the PlayerEventSheet. I sorta like that :D but not needed :P

  • Ashley - I see what you mean, and I think you're right. It is harder, and I guess some of my trouble just stems from the fact that I have SO MUCH about C2 to learn. I guess what I'd really like to see is something along the lines of what jayderyu just described. A "highlight" of all associated objects/instances and command prompts. Maybe a kind of pop-up window on a "mouse over" deal... A QUICK LIST of sorts. Again, though, I imagine that would be much harder to implement, let alone describe clearly in concept. We'll make due. :)

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