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  • Hey, guys.

    I noticed when doing an executable via Node Web Kit, the game stutters for a few seconds on my machine (which is very high-end) and every other machine I tried. It then stabilizes and runs fine.

    Still, the stuttering bugs a bit. Not sure if it happens on every kind of capx or if I should have some sort of loading screen to cover it up.

    Just wondering if anyone else experienced, found a solution.


    What do you guys think about the Flash versus Construct 2 debate?

    I chose Construct 2 to spend time on as I saw way more posts on Scirra's forums and the community seemed larger, plus way more code examples versus Flash and Stencyl.

    Plus Flash is proprietary and supposedly losing the war to Java Script, HTML, and CSS?

    But in terms of performance or ease of programming I don't know. Any Flash lovers here?


    Also, wondering if Construct 2 will ever get some sort of C/C++ interpreter or compiler for executables. I know it shouldn't be needed, not for desktop, but I'm thinking it may help stability issues.

    Again, only interested in the Windows Desktop/tablet market (which is also Mac as most Macs have Windows partitions not to miss out on the games).

  • I get more work done in C2 than I used to do with Flash. The beauty of c2 is that I can show non-programmers how to make decent apps. Which is great.

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  • The stuttering at the start is a result of chrome compiling the JavaScript in the background so it will run faster. It starts displaying the game before it's done so people can start using it quicker.

    We had the debate about a native exporter a while ago, but it doesn't seem like it would be worth bothering with (C2's code execution speed is plenty fast for most games, especially on desktop, and it actually renders faster than construct classic does, which was native dx9). I really doubt it would improve stability any - google's got an army of programmers to throw at chrome, and as such it's quite stable as it is.

    As for flash, it's still a capable technology, but it has a lot of problems (stability in particular, it crashes often on some people's systems/browsers), and both iOS and android don't support the flash player though AIR apps can still be made. It's steadily being replaced by html5 - even adobe seems to be basically admitting that html5 is going to take over by making tools to convert flash to html5 and discontinuing development of it for android.

  • Ok, thanks guys.

    It would be nice if Google would accommodate people like us, but I know from my brother (who's a programmer for them) that they're pretty much a black box in terms of support.

    I think some sort of initial shroud might cover up the stuttering (sort of like an interlude screen).

    I'll have to test it, but I don't think it's a big deal.

    Looks like we're on the right track then.

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